BYBI Beauty - møt damene bak de naturlige superproduktene
25th Aug 2017 | Postet av usaliv

BYBI Beauty - møt damene bak de naturlige superproduktene

Det helt nye hudpleiemerket BYBI Beauty by Clean Beauty Co  er laget av de flotte jentene Elsie og Dominika. BYBI Beauty lanserer i år en rekke skjønne hudpleieprodukter. Alle produktene er naturlig og veganske. Vi gleder oss veldig over å få være de første til å presentere dem i Norge.

Jentene startet som forbrukere, bloggere og ble etterhvert hudpleieprodusenter. Med sin lidenskap har de virkelig studert naturlig skjønnhet på detaljnivå (de har til og med skrevet en bok om dem). Clean Beauty Co tror på at i hjertet av de beste hudpleieproduktene ligger de beste ingrediensene og jo bedre ingrediensen er, jo mer lukseriøst blir produktet.

Vi spurte jentene litt mer om hvordan BYBI Beauty ble til og hvordan de ser på smått og stort. Intervjuet er gjengitt i originalform på engelsk, men ønsker du en oversettelse til norsk så er det bare å ta kontakt med oss.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you ended where you are today with your own book and beauty brand?

We both used to work in advertising and met whilst working together at the same company. We hit it off straight away and were both becoming increasingly interested in wellness, health and fitness - turning away from processed foods and trying to understand what was good for our bodies. The idea to start a natural beauty brand was a natural extension of this - we begun to question what was in our beauty products and whether they actually had an effect on our skin. After much research, we wound up deciding to formulate our own products, documenting this journey across our blog and social media - and so Clean Beauty Co was born! Why was it important to you to make your products all natural and vegan? 100% natural for us means 100% of the good stuff - the more research we did into beauty ingredients the more we realised that brands like to cut corners and dilute active botanicals with pointless fillers. We wanted to formulate products that actually have an effect on your skin and therefore use potent, high quality ingredients that aren't watered down in any way. Veganism/cruelty free is something that's incredibly important to our community so it was important for us to ensure our products met these needs. As formulators we know how easy it is to not use animal by-products in beauty products - there are plenty of alternatives. Today you have five gorgeous new products in your line. Can you give a hint of what is yet to come? We are SO excited about our product roadmap, we obviously can't tell you too much but we can say that we have a couple of products that will straddle skincare/cosmetics! What is your best beauty tip?  Face mask weekly, double cleanse nightly and always wear SPF. What inspires you?  We draw our inspiration from our working environment - our amazing team who are constantly coming up with brilliant ideas, our office space in Hackney that is full of creative people and each other of course! we also draw inspiration from other beauty brands who are challenging the norms and striving to change the beauty industry. We feel excited every day to be apart of that! Can you each describe each other with three key words  Elsie about Dominika: driven, clever, endearingly clumsy Dominika about Elsie : stylish, witty, smart Do you have a simple DIY recipe for a skin care product that most people would be able to make in their own kitchen?  Coconut oil and avocado hair mask (can also use on the face for super dry skin). Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with a quarter avocado, mash, and apply to wet hair. Wrap in a hot, damp towel and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Where is BYBI Beauty/Clean Beauty Co in 5 years? We'd like to be a global brand who are recognised as leaders and pioneers of natural beauty. Vi gleder oss over å ha de flotte produktene til de to skjønne jentene hos oss og er spente på hva de kommer ut med videre! Se hele utvalget fra merket her.

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