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Intervju med Kendy Sencée - kvinnen bak Antonin .B

Intervjuet er gjengitt i originalform på engelsk, men ønsker du en oversettelse til norsk så er det bare å ta kontakt for det.

[caption id="attachment_3854" align="alignnone" width="296"] Kendy Bourguignon Sencée er dama bak merket[/caption]
Kendy, can you share a bit about yourself and how you ended up as a founder of your own brand of hair care?
My name is Kendy and I’m an island girl. I was born and raised in Guadeloupea French island in the Caribbean which is small (and pretty) and is shaped like a butterfly. I came to found Antonin .B after almost 10 years in the hair industry. I started with modeling and then working backstage. Then I met many hairdressers and artists and started to write about hair.

Antonin .B was born after my own journey back to my natural (curly & frizzy) hair and a more natural life—I felt the need to go back to nature just like we did in my family when I was a kid. I wanted to create something that was absolutely natural but better. That is why the formulas are enhanced with innovative ingredients coming from green science.

Why did you decide to make your hair care products organic?

Going organic was a natural part of the process. First I really wanted the formulas to be synthetic free. Second it is important to avoid unwanted chemicals so every pure oil we use comes from a plant that was never doused with pesticides. Most of the oils and butters we use are cold-pressed and unfiltered. Selecting organic ingredients helps us protect our customers.

The brand itself is certified organic because I wanted every single ingredient and every process to be checked by a third party so that we are able to say publicly “We are clean. We do not pollute. We do no harm. We really care.”

Can you tell us more about your two products? 

This first collection was created to help with very common hair problems. Both products can be used for styling but are also deep treatments. Because we want your hair to look healthy but also actually be healthy.

Many women love their hot tools and adore their color and balayage and they will not give that up even if they like organic products. Originally the Serum was created as an alternative to salon treatments for hair that was damaged by these processes and also to prevent further damage.

The Honey Butter was designed to be a mild styling wax that is also a moisturizing treatment for thirsty hair.

My favorite way to use the Desert Serum is on dry hair followed by brushing with a high quality brush. For the Honey Butter on thicker (or denser) hairI love to dampen the hair first and work the product in by raking and wringing the hair softly.

 What is your best beauty tip? 

My first beauty tip is:

Be mindful of what you put on your hair because with a little bit of wind it all ends up on your face…

My biggest tip is:

Moisture is your friend. Whether it is for your hair or anything else if it is completely dried up you are in trouble. Do not be afraid to spritz a tiny bit of water, aloe juice or something.

What inspires you?

Oh… so many things inspire me in my work and in my life. Art inspires me. I love that as humans we have this ability to create things with our minds and our hands. It’s amazing. And once you start you just go from one thing to the next, it’s exciting and it’s beautiful.

Sometimes music makes me reach deep into myself and pull out energy and a desire to do beautiful things that until that point was simply dormant.

I’m also very inspired by happiness. Seeing someone happy or making them happy myself. That’s great energy and a beautiful feeling.

 After trying your products we are hoping that there one day will be shampoo and conditioners available from your brand. Any chance we will have our dreams come true one day? 

The next collection is actually being designed right now. But it will not include a shampoo or a conditioner. I am not really interested in what I call the “hair basics”. It’s not demeaning at all. They are the basics because they are very necessary to keep ourselves clean and in acceptable conditions. But I really prefer what starts after that.

I like high quality ingredients and I like to combine them into products which have more than just one purpose. Other brands already clean and condition your hair. I want Antonin .B to make your hair healthy and beautiful.

Du kan lese mer om hårpleieproduktene fra Kendy og Antonin .B ved å klikke her.

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